Dorothy D.
Brooklyn, NY

When my home suffered an invasion of bees inside the wall I contacted several exterminators. This was not something I had any experience with. I chose PPC because they took the time to thoroughly explain how they would solve my problem and their price quote seemed reasonable for the amount of work the technician explained. I am completely satisfied with the job they did. PPC showed up on time, was friendly and professional. I certainly recommend them.

Lisa K.

Hewlett Neck, NY
This company responded to my inquiry promptly and since my situation was “dire”, immediately went out to investigate. I was contacted with a price before the work was done, to get approval and the job was completed in a timely fashion. In addition, I was advised of ways to prevent future problems with this problem and other household pest prevention problems. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable, informative person to come and address your pest problem. Lisa Konecky Kaplan

Gillian N.

Brooklyn, NY
Let me start by saying that from the very first conversation with Mr. Nathaniel Gonzalez from Positive Pest Control, my mind was put at ease. He patiently assured me that with a some work on my part, we could eliminate those pests. His positive demeanor helped me deal with the issue from my end and together we were able to attack the problem with the right tools and attitude. He took his time and fumigated every inch if my apartment. Then he gave me detailed steps I needed to take during the after treatment phase. I would recommend him to everyone a thousand times over. I am confident I will not have to call him back for his services. Great job!!

Angel A.

Brooklyn, NY
Nat and his associates were very pleasant and professional with the entire process. They answered all my questions thoroughly. They worked quickly and caused no mess or cleanup. I will be calling on PPC for their services again.

Riva G.

Brooklyn, NY
The workmen were prompt, pleasant and business like. It is only 3 days since the work was done. Their approach to the terminate situation was thorough. 8-15-2007

Richard D.

Brooklyn, NY
Positive Pest Control does all of our buildings (75+) on a monthly basis. They always respond in a timely fashion. We have found them to be trustworthy and effective.

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