European Paper Wasps

European paper wasps are about 3/4” long and black and yellow in color which gets them commonly mistaken for yellowjackets. DespiteEuropeanPaperWasp_WEBeee their resemblance, the European paper wasp has a slender body, narrow waist and can be recognized by their dangling legs in flight. They prefer dark cavities for its nests and will build on a vertical surface as long as it is protected by an overhang such as soffits, under decks, handrails, inside vent louvers, fence posts, BBQ grills, utility boxes, etc. European paper wasps tend to favor flowers to feed on nectar but will also scavenge for dead insects. In addition to being able to sting multiple times, European paper wasps release a chemical odor while in the act of stinging that alarms other wasps in the immediate area to attack as well.